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I.Phonetics(5 points)
Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
1.A.decade B. aggressive C. ancestor D. bacteria (   )
2.A.after B. garden. C.American D.card (   )
3.A.good B. Garden C. Look D. cook (   )
4.A.too B.school C. room D.book (   )
5. A. crucial B. decision C. democracy D. celebrate (   )
Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)
Directions: There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
6. Only with your help, such difficulties in the field.
A.can we over come
B. we can overcome
C. should we overcome
D. we should overcome
7. I am envious your beauty.
A. for B. on C. of D.to
8. The ski resorts are usually crowded There are many people skiing.
A. enjoy B. that want C. who enjoy D. want
9. Would you like to the United States?
A. trip B. voyage C. going D. to travel
10. After all this time you'd' think he'd' have forgotten, ?
A.didn 't' you B. wouldn't' you C. did you D. would you
11. If you I him!
A. can save B. will be able to save C. have saved D. had savedm
12.I' ve already decided.I buy new car.
A. am going to B. will C. would D. have bought
13. What would you do if you your job?
A. Lose B. lost C. would lose D. will lose
14. Water will continue to be it is today-next in importance to oxygen.
A. how B. which.as C.as D.what
15. Professor Lee's book will show you can be used in other contexts.
A. that you have observed
B. that how you have observed
C. how that you have observed
D. how what you have observed
16. I should never have said that. I wish I that.
A. didn't say B. wouldn't say
C. hadn't say D. don't say
17. You ought to take every to improve your English.
A. case B. chance C. thing D. time
18. Mary hasn't drive yet, but she wants .
A. the own car B. the car of her own C. an own car D. car of her own
19. I am against children to school before they are six.
A. who send B. being sent C. Sending D. having sent
20. It is no good English without speaking English.
A. to learn B. learn C. learning D. learned
Ⅲ. Cloze(30 points)
Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET.
  Football is the most popular sport 21 the fall in the United States. The game originated as(an) 22 sport more than seventy-five years ago. It is still played by almost every college and university in the country, and the football stadiums of some of the largest universitier 23 as many as 80,000 people. The game is not the same 24 European football. There are eleven players in each team, and 25 in padded uniforms because the game is rough and injruies are likely to occur. The 26 of the game is to carry or throw from one person to another the ball across the opponent's goal, or scoring line. He 27 has not attended a large college football game 28 missed one of the most colorful aspects of American college life. 29 the two halves of the game, the playing field if taken over by the bands(乐队) of the rival institutions, 30 take turns doing intricate marches and executing interesting formations. The student spectators are led in cheering for their team by trained, uniformed student cheerleaders 31 are pretty girls. Outstanding high school football players 32 usually encouraged to come to college and university 33 offers of scholarships and free room and board. Football is 34 popular and the urge to win is so keen, that many colleges actively 35 outstanding players for their student body. Attendance at football games is so large that it is not unheard of for a college or university to finance its entire athletic program from ticket sales.
21.A.at B. from C. in D.for
22.A. outdoor B. worldwide C.college D. unpopular
23.A.sit B. seat C. are sat D. are seated
24.A.as B.like C. Of D. against
25.A. dressed B. are dressed C. wear D. are worn
26.A. object B. Purpose C. results D. procedure
27.A.perhaps B. probably C.who D. may
28.A. have B. would C. has D.is
29.A. During B. As for C. Between D.At
30.A. and B./ C. which D. they
31. A. many of them B. many of whom C. each of them D. each of whom
32. A. is B.are C. have D.has
33.A. by B. and C. with D. for
34. A. such B. very C. so D. as
35.A. demand B. ask C. press D. seek
N. Reading Comprehension(60 points)
Diretions: There are five reading assages in this part, Each pasage is follwe by fourquestions For each question there are four sugested answers markedA, B, c and D. Chooseone best answer and blacken the orrsponding ltter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage One
  Time is very improtant in our lives. It organizes our everyday moments. However,time never had any importance in my life until I received a wateh with two silverbandsfrom my father that organized my life and made me more responsible.
  1 received this gift ona gray sky day. I had to go to the airportat9: 00a. m topick up my Uncle Ali and take him to my father's house.i However. 1 was late because 1was hanging out with my friends.Later on that day, around1l : 00a m. I remembered myuncle. but I was very later for him, He had left the airport and taken a taxi to my father's house.
  I got to my father's house at2 : 00 p. m, on the same day and looked at my angryfather's face. I felt ashamed of myself at that moment. Aften I said hi to my angry fatherand tired uncle. my father asked me to sit next to him where he handed me this watchwhich was a gift from him. Then he said, "Essa, did you have fun with your friends to-day? 1 answered. Yes father, and l'm sorry about not picking up my Uncle Ali. " Hesaid. What you did was not very nice and you should be sorry for your actions. "A was arshamed and said, Father. r'll never do it again. I promise. " He said, "I hope today youlearned something important, and this watch will be a reminder for you." He told me totakethis watch and use it as an organizer of my life.
  I learned a very important esson from my father; to respect time and never be late toget someone This watch is important to me, not because of its price but because of thelesson the 1 learned from it.
36. What did time become important to Essa?
A When he was playing with his friends.
B. When he lost his watch.
C.When he went to Denmark.
D. When he received awatch. form his father.
37. Which of the folloning is NOT true about Essa's watch?
A. It weighed about one pound.
B. It was maed of silver.
C. It will be a reminder to Essa.
D. It helps to organizehis life.
38. Which of the following is true?
A. Essa was playing with his friendsat200 p. m.
B. Uncle Ali took a tazi to Essa's father's house.
C. Essa was suposed to pick up his father at the airport.
D. Essa never tried to pick up his uncle at the airport.
39. Which happened last?
A. Essa was playing with hie friends.
B. Essa went to meet his Uncle Ali at the airport.
C. Essa's father talked with him about being on time.
D. Essa got a watch.
Passage Two
  If we had to rely on only five senses for survival, we would be in very sad shape in-deed. We wouldn't know up from down. We wouldn't know when to eat or drink, Wewouldn't know what our museles were doing or what position our limbs were in. Wewouldn't know when our body was damaged because we wouldn't feel pain., We mightfreze to death without even a shiver, or overheat without a drop of sweat, The five sen-ses touch, taste. smell, hearing and sight respund only to stimulation from the outsideworld, but the inside world of our bodies must also receive and respond to important messages,
  Our internal senses keep us alive and enable us to use our external senses. In effect,the interal senses tell our brains how to run our bodies. Hunger or thirst register in a part of thebrain calll the hypothalamus (丘脑下部), when a lack of food chemicals are detected in the blood
  Another internal sense that controls our balance is maintained by three fluid filldlloops in the inner ear. Changes in position and gravity affet the motion of this liquid andcause changes in the brain. A sense calle knsesis (肌肉运动知觉) lets us know therlaive postions of parts of our bodies. Even our breatig is caused by a sense that indenfies an ovnbundanc of carbon dioide and lack of oxygen in the bood
  No' ne has ben ablc tocomt the unmber of inernal senses The pece of deieteintenal sns shows just how mrvloluslyu complex we human beins aret
40. This passage denl mostly with the
A.inernal senses
B. sense of balance  
C. five senses
D.brain's function
41. Hunger is caused by_____.
A. too much food and water in the body
B. a lack of oxygen in the blood
C. seeing or thinking about food
D. a lack of certain chemicals in the blood
42. The passage implies that there are many senses we_____.
A. can use only in emergencise
B may not understand at present
C.never realize we have
D. do not actively use in everyday livingxf
43. In the second paragraph. the term in effect "means_____.
A in fact  B. it is doubtful  C. often  D.without reason
Passage Three
  Only one animal can walk 200 miles without stopping once to rest. It would take aperson two days and two nights to walk this far, and only one man has ever done it with-out stopping. What amazing animal has such endurance? The camel! The camel is wellknown for something else, too, It can cross an entire desert without a single drink of water. Its body is built in a special way to help it store water and food,
  A person has just one somach, but a camel has quiter a few. Within each stomach arelayers and layers of cells. These cells are like tiny water balloons, storing liquids until thecamel needs them. When the camel drinks, the cells grow larger and larger. For a wholeweek, they can keep the animal's thirst away by sending water to all parts of its body.
  And did you ever wonder why the camel has a hump? The hump is a storage place for fat,Because it has this storage area, the camel does not need to eat very often. When the animal needsenergy, the layers of fat serve as fuel to keep it going on the long, hot days in the burning sun
  The camel has one other gift that makes it well suited to arid regions. This gift its amazing nose. A camel can smell a water hole from miles away!
  When a camel moves it sways from side to side like a ship on a wavy ocean, Because ofthis swaying motion, the camel has been called the “Ship of the Desert.”
44. The camel's hump is a storage place for
A. muscles B. extra water C.dody sugars D.fat
45. We can conclude from this passage that camels_____.
A. feel at home in the desert
B. like to carry heavy loads
C. look like ships from a distance
D. will always be useful
46. The author compares cells with water balloons in order to
A. make you think of summer
B. help you visualize the cells
C.. show how rubber is elastic
D. show how many shapes cells can have
47. The word "arid" is closest in meaning to_____.
A. Sunny  B flat  C.dry  D. sandy
Passage Four
a It was almost two o'elock A cold wind had come up over the lake. As a black cloudmoved ncross the sun, Walt, a small boy, loked up "I smell a storm( 暴风雨)", he thought.
Shorty, a man of forty.had gone into town There were no people around,two He hud rold Walt to watch he boats and the shop.They had all gone out on the lake to fish.
So Walt went to work on one of the boats. From there he could hear the telephone if it rang. And he could watch the door.
It was a little after two when the stranger came. Walt saw him stop by the shop.The stranger looked in for a minute.Then he went down to the boats.He was a big man in a coat.
Walt called to him,“Do you want something,sir?”
The stranger looked at Walt and said,“No,thanks.” Then the stranger moved slowly away.As he went on,be looked at the boats one by one.
Wale sat there with his eyes on he back of the stanger’s çoat. He totought. "I can smell something as I smell that storm. I hope Shorty comes back soon.”
48. The story happened_____.
A. on the lake at night
B.by the lake in the afternoon
C. along the river in spring
D.near the river in summer
49. Walt stayed because_____.
A. there were no people around
B. Shorty had gone shooping
C. people went fishing on the lake
D. Shorty had asked him to watch the boats and the shop
50. What do you think of Walt?
A. He was slow.
B.He was weak.
C. He was careful.
D.He was interesting.
51. Whích of the following is true?
A. The stranger came to see Walt.
B.Shorty came back on time.
C. Walt worked far away from the shop.
D. Some people lived around the shop.
Passage Five
  Many superstitious people are afraid of black cats, They believe that black cats have astrange power. If a black cat crosses their path, they think they will have bad luck.
  Black cats haven't always had such a bad reputation, Long ago, the Egyptiansthought that black cats were holy animals, They even worshipped them, Pasht was anEgyptian goddess who had a woman's body and a cat's head, Because the Egyptians had somuch respeet for black cats, they often buried the sacred creatures with great ceremony.Mummies of cats have often been found in ancient cemetery ruins To keep the cats company after they died, mice were sometimes buried beside them,
  Feelings about black cats have always been stong People have thought they wereether very good or very bad, The people of Europe, in the Middle Ages, believed black catswee the evil friends of witches and Devil Witches were said to have the power to chane themselves into black cats. People believed that you could not tell whether a black cat wasjust a cat, or whether it was a witch disguising herself as she plotted some evil scheme.The brain of a black cat was thought to be a main ingredient in witch's brew.
  Unlike their ancestors of the Middle Ages, Englishmen today consider black cats to begood luck charms, Fishermen's wives often keep a black cat around so that their husbandswill be protected when they are out at sea.
52. The Egyptian goddess Pasht had a_____.
A. woman's head and a cat's body
B.woman’s head and a lion’s body
c. cat's head and a man's body
D. womnan's body and a cat's head
53. Judging from this passage, people of the Middle Ages probably_____.
A. treated black cats with respect noilei
B. treated black cats badlymnisTitb at tedlt
C. were witches if they had black cats
D. thought black cats were beautiful
54. People of ancient Egypt and Europeans of the Middle Ages_____.
A. both worshipped black cats
B. both feared black cats
C. thought black cats could bring good luck
D. felt very different about black cats
55. “Sacred” means _____.
A. Dead  B. holy  C.black  D. fearful
V . Daily Conversation(15 points) eaing aljsuounsle bats cueludenoV . IDirections: Pick out the appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and completethe following dialogues by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Shee.

(S=Shopkeeper, P=Peter)
S:   56                                  P:I wan to buy a notebook.
S:Thenotebooks are over there.  57       P: The blue one looks nice.
S: Two yuan.                             P: That's all right.  59   
S:  60                                   P: Thank you.
IV. Writing( 25 points)
Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a letter of refasal in English in 100120words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.
61.你(Li Yuan)朋友(Jack)邀请你暑期到他家乡——农村去度假。写封信委婉拒绝。信的内容如下:

6-10 ACCDB   11-15 DABDD   16-20 CBDBC
21-25 CCBAC   26-30 ACCCC   31-35 BBACD
36-40 DABCA   41-45 DCADA   46-50 BCBDC   51-55 DDBDB
56-60 CDBAC
Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for your warmhearted invitation of spending my summer vocation at your hometown,a quiet and beautiful country.I have been waiting for it so long. But, unfortunately, I have to goback my own hometown, a hot and noisy city, for my sister just got an admission from a university and sheis preparing for it. As an elder brother, I must help her in both mental and physical ways.
So sorry for missing the good chance to join you at your home. Next year, we will spend summer together, our summer.
Send my greetings to your parents, please. I'lI visit them next year.
Take care!
Li Yuan